By Marcus Leach

Internet search engine Google and The Citizens Advice Bureau are launching a campaign to increase awareness of online threats and to make users feel safer on the internet.

The campaign will cover topics such as internet passwords and scam emails, and leading ID fraud expert Equifax is reminding consumers of the importance of protecting their personal details online.

“The campaign is essential both for consumers and internet businesses, as
they need their users to feel safe when they are using the internet,” says
Neil Munroe, External Affairs Director for Equifax. “Consumers need to be
aware just how easy it is for their personal details to be obtained when
doing everyday things online, such as shopping or checking back accounts.
They need to know exactly how to prevent online identity fraud and how
easily this can be done.

“Internet fraudsters only need to obtain three pieces of a user’s
personal information to be able to obtain goods or money in their name. With
the increase of social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, and an
increase in people shopping online, personal details are easier to obtain
than ever.”

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