Google have launched a new suite of advert creation products to make it easier for businesses to get started with advertising on YouTube.

Google’s YouTube Director offers an app and onsite service to help small businesses who find creating their own advertisements challenging.

An increasing number of people are turning to YouTube to watch video and the growth in watch time on YouTube is up over 50% year-over-year.

Alice Mansergh, director of Google Marketing Solutions for UK and Ireland, said: “With the YouTube Director App we want to make it easier for businesses everywhere to be able to find new customers and engage with their audience through high quality videos.

“Now, small companies can tap into the power of video advertising and content marketing, and therefore compete with larger brands on the world’s biggest online video destination.”

The new app allows businesses to choose a custom template that works best to showcase their product or service and will direct the business through the template shot-by-shot to help them produce a professional video.

Once a video is finished, the app automatically uploads the video to YouTube and users can use Google AdWords expert, which can set up a video advertising campaign.

The YouTube Director onsite service, currently available in London and Manchester, sends a professional filmmaker to shoot and edit a video ad when a business commits to spending at least £350 to advertise it on YouTube, taking a few hours over two to three weeks to complete.

Lucy Manfield, marketing manager at Wordery, an online bookshop offering free worldwide delivery on every order, said: “We understand customers of all ages are turning to video content to help them make their next purchasing decision. We’re incredibly excited about how quickly and easily we can now make videos with YouTube Director to reach them.

“The app will help us make professional content in under one hour. We’ve plans to create YouTube videos for advertising as well as content on everything from book reviews and business news to office antics. This content will open up a new engagement channel with our customers.”