By Jonathan Davies

Google has (very) quietly launched a new version of the Google Glass.

Six months ago, the search giant said it was scrapping Google Glass whilst insisting it was still committed to the smart glasses market.

The second version, which has been developed just for businesses, allows the faster mini-computer to be attached to different pairs of glasses. Google says the battery life has been increased to two hours and wireless connectivity have been improved.

The glass prism is now longer and thinner, and can be moved vertically and horizontally.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Google has also developed its own battery pack for the new Google Glass.

The report claims that it is being distributed to businesses for office use, but will not be made available for the public.

The first edition of Google Glass was intended for mass public use, but was scrapped just one month after going on sale in the UK. It was still officially known as a prototype, despite having been in development for three years.

The Google Glass team became its own entity within Google after being separated from the Google X division.