By David White, Managing director, Weboptimiser

You may have noticed that Google has played with its logo throughout the years, but the logo on Wednesday 7th September was one of the most intriguing yet.

The Google logo is animated, and reacts to the pointer of your mouse: move it closer to the logo, and the particles will disperse, running away from the mouse pointer.

In the past we have seen Google celebrate Pac-Man's anniversary, Einstein's birthday, the World Cup, the Fourth of July, Persian New Year, the Olympics, U.S. elections, and just about everything in between.

But now we have an unclickable, just for fun Doodle with no apparent meaning, just a bit of playfullness.

Who does this? Google's Doodlers, of course. A band of merry artists whose job it is to translate special events into those colorful, whimsical versions of Google's corporate logo, the Doodlers almost certainly have one of the best jobs in the world.

They mix artistic skills and speak engineering at the same time, holding their own among the uber-geeks in order to do the one thing at Google specifically to put a smile on people's faces the world over.

Watch a video of David White talking about the Google logo

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