By Daniel Peden, Senior SEO Analyst, Epiphany Solutions Ltd

By getting this far (past the title) you’re probably interested in Google Analytics and how you can identify and prevent those pesky problems.

For a lot of people once you set-up Google Analytics you might worry: Have I done it right? There are several ways you can find this out:

1. Look at the Google Stats in a couple hours and see if you’re recording visits.
2. Use a Firefox plugin such as Live HTTP Headers to view the image calls being made
3. Use SiteScan by EpikOne

All these are great and will allow you to see if the code is installed and in most cases, working properly; but to take it one step further and identify any errors you may have noticed that Google have released their own Chrome extension.

Google released its ga_debug.js script a while back with a key flaw - you had to re-tag your pages to use it. They have now taken this and incorporated it into the extension meaning there’s now no need to tag up those pages; allowing you to quickly and simply debug your Google Analytics installation.

What’s great about this is that it will provide you with messages on where your problems lie. So instead of just finding out ‘my Google analytics doesn’t work’, you can now find out why it doesn’t work!!!

Hats off to Google again for this — the debug script was a good addition but to transform it into a browser extension is a great move. I want to caveat this post by stating that the extension will only analyse simple installations and will only analyse the page you are currently on. Always consult a registered GACP (Google Analytics Certified Partners for those advanced implementations, not only are they experts at identifying problems but will likely come up with tracking aspects that don’t come out of the box.

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