By Daniel Hunter

A study into the impact of Google’s Campus London project, on the first anniversary of its opening, clearly shows that both Campus and East London’s Tech City startup hub are growing and finding success.

In just one year of operation, Campus now has more than 10,000 members, permanently houses more than 100 young companies and has hosted more than 850 events for 60,000 guests.

The study, commissioned by Google UK and open to all Campus members, demonstrates that Campus and East London are generating an ever-growing buzz, and that despite Britain’s ongoing economic downturn, confidence amongst UK tech entrepreneurs is high.

Headline findings include:

- We’re already seeing strong growth. On average, Campus-based startups are growing their employee count by 25%, boosting job creation.

- Optimism is high amongst Campus entrepreneurs. 88% of Campus startups have a positive outlook on their chances of success, with 1 in 4 already moving on to bigger facilities to house their growing businesses.

- Campus and Tech City startups are building diverse speciality areas.

- Technology-based startups make up the majority of business activity in Campus (59%), but Communications and Entertainment (15%) are also emerging as focal areas.

- The typical Campus member is aged between 25-34. This is lower than the Tech City average (36). The gender breakdown at Campus is 76%-24% male, far higher than the Tech City benchmark (9% female), with initiatives like Women @ Campus helping to encourage and champion female entrepreneurs.

- Campus and Tech City have an international pull. Although British is the predominant nationality at Campus, 22 nationalities are represented, including a strong presence of Americans, Australians, French, Italians and Germans.

Matt Brittin, Google’s Vice President for Northern and Central Europe added: “Campus has exceeded all expectations in its first year. The second you walk into the building, you can’t fail to feel the buzz and energy. As a Londoner, there’s no doubt in my mind that something very special is happening at Campus and in London, and we’re delighted to be playing a role in it.”

Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne said: "It's great that startups in tech city are confident, growing and creating jobs. Since I opened it a year ago, Google Campus has been playing an important role in building that success."

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