By Max Clarke

A letter written by Clive Goodman, former News of the World Royal Correspondent, and published today by the Culture select committee, has confirmed that phone hacking was widely discussed at the publication.

The letter immediately disproves James and Rupert Murdochs’ insistence that they were ignorant of any phone hacking at the News of the World.

Meanwhile the Murdochs’ lawyers at Harbottle and Lewis have hit back at the pair’s assertions they gave bad legal advice, claiming it was the Murdochs who had deliberately supplied misleading information. This latest evidence further discredits the media moguls, and will likely see them hauled before the culture select committee for a second time.

Goodman’s letter also notes that phone hacking was openly discussed before Andy Coulson assumed the role of editor, promptly banning mention of the practice. This will add further pressure on Prime Minister David Cameron, who until now had insisted that Andy Coulson had known nothing of voicemail interception.


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