By Richard Dennys, Director of Marketing, Moonfruit

We’ve all had days where we’ve headed home after a hard day’s work and complained about the boss. In fact, you may have even started your business because of that very reason.

Now you have a company, it’s important to remember what keeps employees happy.

We recently commissioned a poll to help us better understand what makes a good or bad boss. It was as eye opening as it was eye-wateringly obvious.

Over 50% of employees in the UK hate their boss and it is proven as one of the key reasons for starting a business; to make your own decisions.
It’s rather depressing but true - far too many can’t stand those in charge all day, every day. Some feel stressed, others invisible and worryingly quite a few intimidated.

That’s unhealthy for any business.

Want to be a good boss? Regardless of Myers Briggs profiles, be honest and trustworthy and publically show concern for your workforce. Even make a cup of tea once in a while and don’t be afraid to reveal your sense of humour.

Want to lose all respect of your team; dress them down in public, endlessly shift the goalposts and bully them into thinking it’s your way or the high way.
Other pet hates from those we surveyed included taking the credit for other’s hard work, spreading gossip and fostering a climate of feared. These are the quickest ways to driving your best talent away.

If a fraction of those people who told us they hate their boss go on to start their own successful business, or test drive their dream by starting up online and can still remember during the stress and strain of building a business what it means to be a good boss, we’re already better off.