The global economy is in a "delicate moment", the International Monetary Fund (IMF)'s chief economist has warned.

Gita Gopinath says the IMF does not predict a global recession but stressed "there are are many downside risks".

The IMF forecast growth of 3.3% for the global economy this year and 3.6% next year. Its latest forecast for 2019 is a 0.2% reduction on its previous expectations.

The UK, US and eurozone have all seen their growth forecast reduced, particularly Germany and Italy. It also expects to see a downturn in Latin America, the Middle East and North Africa.

In her blog, Ms Gopinath said the UK's revised forecast is based on it leaving the EU with a deal. She stressed that leaving without a deal would be far more costly to the economy.

Ms Gopinath also warned of the risks of global trade tensions, particularly relating to the US where President Donald Trump is threatening to increase tariffs on imports from the EU, while trying to strike a deal with China to avoid imposing $200 billion worth of new tariffs. She said tariffs could see "large disruptions to global supply chains".