By Claire West

Live from the Institute of Fundraising’s National Convention 2013, 'Give as you Live' found that over half (52%) of employees claim their company does not have an official charity (or charities) that they plan to support this year.

Give as you Live commissioned a survey of over 1,000 people in employment and found that 43% of workers across the UK feel that their company should be doing more to help charities and their local community.

Regional breakdown of the findings found that half of Londoners (50%) feel their company should be doing more to help; and employees in Northern Ireland (64%), the North East (56%) and Scotland (52%) are concerned that their company is not doing enough for charity.

These initial findings have sparked Give as you Live to gain deeper insight into the attitudes of giving in the workplace through its Donor Survey - the largest survey which looks into how people give to charity.

Give as you Live, in partnership with Workplace Giving UK, has today expanded its successful Donor Survey — which has already been completed by over 8,000 respondents — to enquire into giving in the workplace. Charities will now have access to insights on how people prefer to give whilst at work. Workplace Giving UK will be using this tool with employers to assist them in understanding how best to engage their workforce.

Polly Gowers, founder and CEO of Everyclick Ltd, the company behind Give as you Live, said, “It is sad that employees feel that charity giving in the workplace has taken a back seat. We understand that the downturn has meant companies have changed the way they allocate resources; however, there are easy ways to encourage regular fundraising. In the digital age, CSR initiatives needn’t put pressure on people’s time but should be seen as a way to increase employee commitment and morale.”

Elena Joseph, Head of New Projects from Workplace Giving UK said “Although some employees perceive that charity giving is not a priority for their employer, it is heartening that they want to engage in giving something back at work. We have always found that the key to successful engagement with companies and their workforces is to make it as easy as possible for employees to join in. Whether it’s using digital fundraising methods like Give as you Live, facilitating donations from pay via a Workplace Giving scheme or implementing other micro donation systems so that any employee can take part even if it’s only by giving odd pennies. Collectively they have the potential to raise thousands of additional pounds for UK charities.”

Additional findings in the report found that, in the past year, only 41% of UK employees have taken part in charity fundraising activities at work or with colleagues. Older employees are least likely to have taken part in charitable activities in the workplace; while younger people are embracing the opportunities that their companies are offering. Only 39% aged 45 — 54 and 41% of aged 25 — 44 have taken part in charitable fundraising compared to 54% of workers aged 16 — 24. The results of the survey also revealed that a fifth of employees (21%) are unsure if their employer offers Workplace Giving schemes.