By Jon Spree, Managing Director, Pingala Media Limited

From our experience the key is relevance. It does sound obvious but people do try and "trick traffic" to their sites. When using keywords in all marketing, relate them to the same text in the website content. The days of articles using "red top headlines" playing on words and meanings is gone. You shouldn't be clever, you should be obvious. If you are talking about say a new type of window on the market, the marketing content should relate to the benefits and USP's rather than the headline saying "revolutionary window in the frame to be clear market leader". This works in print but not in search engines.

When looking at getting traffic to your site it makes the next part of that visitor journey all the more important "You can take a horse to water...". Ensure the visitors arrive at a clear well structured website with simple routes to products and information. Its all about quality leads and conversions.

Keep the main site overview pages simple and easy to follow. With larger site keep the pages clean and well structured with bullet points, tables and manageable paragraphs. Separate the detail pages from the overview with "read more" or "download article" and this way it caters for all visitors.

Keep the home page flexible to change the focal point of your business with perhaps News Areas, Twitter Feeds and Advert Areas. The common mistake is sometimes weighting each service or product equally on the page with nice graphics however certain areas of the site may be lost within the monotone structure. You may want to promote certain areas more strongly than others.

As well as viewing simple info, you need to ensure the site is W3C compliant with text only versions, alt text for imagery, access keys for users navigating the website without using a mouse, site maps and clean compliant code. The content is irrelevant if the user with perhaps a visual impairment or learning difficulties and cannot view the site correctly or understand the complicated content and navigation. W3C.org have validation tools to aid media companies assess the compliance of their developed sites.

When writing text keep the content simple, relevant, compliant and minimise the possibility of someone not being able to use your website to its full capacity.

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