By Andrew Miller, Marketing Manager Dell SMB, UK & Ireland

With small businesses accounting for 99.9 percent of the UK’s private sector there’s no doubt that new business is integral to the health of the UK economy. That’s why it’s so important for budding entrepreneurs to have the tools they need to transform their idea into a viable business. But where should they look for resources?

Developed for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs and launched in March this year, StartUp Britain neatly illustrates the way in which entrepreneurs themselves are a great resource for those starting out in business. With backing from the Prime Minister, Chancellor and the Government, the campaign targets anyone looking to start their own business and aims to celebrate, inspire and accelerate enterprise in the UK.

Kicking off with two platform services — a catalogue of links to useful web resources and offers from corporate supporters — the organisation is developing a calendar of enterprise-related events, such as a technology week in October and a wealth of new resources including a mentor marketplace and masterclass platform.

With the cooperation of local entrepreneurs and business experts — including those from founding sponsors such as Dell — StartUp Britain sent its double-decker bus to 14 locations across the UK throughout August and September to encourage entrepreneurs to make the move to start up, offering information on everything from setting the foundations for a successful business, to finance and getting the right technology for your company.

Throughout the course of the tour the bus pulled in a diverse range of growing businesses, fresh start-ups, and those who simply wanted to talk through a business idea with local entrepreneurs such as Rob Law, Founder of Trunki and Charles Francis, founder of start up business Lick Me I’m Delicious. What was particularly refreshing was the mutual exchange of ideas with seasoned entrepreneurs being receptive to advice whilst sharing their own business learnings. Local editors were also on-hand to offer tips on how to get into regional press while the presence of small business authors and the onboard small business library were a reminder of the many great businesses resources available to entrepreneurs.

Speaking with local Sunderland entrepreneur Rob Dixon, soon to launch mobile application ‘Appicab,’ along with the hundreds of other start-ups that joined the tour, it’s clear that many new businesses are seeking assistance in finding the right technology to help start and grow their businesses. Technology is a cornerstone of any modern business and enables entrepreneurs to take their winning idea to the broadest audience of potential buyers so choosing the right solutions and equipment is crucial to future growth and success. But with so many options, making the right technology decision can be challenging. By working closely with small business customers, technology providers such as Dell simplify these decisions so that even the most technophobic customers can find the right products for their needs.

While it’s undoubtedly confirmed the breadth of tools and advice available to budding entrepreneurs, StartUp Britain has clearly demonstrated that with the right idea and the confidence to try it, anyone can start their own business.

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