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A leading group of advisors to the German government have urged the EU to try and stop Brexit.

The Council of Economic Experts said: “An exit of the United Kingdom from the EU would not only mean an economic loss, but above all a bigger political loss."

They added: "The best outcome of the upcoming negotiations would therefore be if a Brexit could be averted."

The think tank, which is made up of five economists, suggested that even after Article 50 has been enacted, it would not be too late to stop Brexit.

But then we hit the hurdle. They said that the UK could not ‘cherry-pick’ from the ‘four freedoms’ that underpin the EU's internal market.

And therein lies the problem.

Free movement of labour is a key part of these four freedoms and, regardless of what you think about this, it is clear that to many people the free movement of labour is precisely the reason why they voted Brexit.

In other words, the message from The Council of Economic Experts is for the EU to do all that it can to stop Brexit, except for changing the one thing that may indeed stop it.