Chancellor George Osborne has announced plans for a National Infrastructure Commission to oversee £100 billion worth of infrastructure projects in the UK.

Led by former transport secretary Lord Adonis, the money will be used on major road, rail and flood defence projects by 2020.

Launching the Commission, George Osborne said: "This is about jobs, growth, living standards and ensuring Britain is fit for the future.

"Infrastructure isn't some obscure concept, it's about people's lives, economic security and the kind of country we want to live in.

"That's why I'm determined to shake Britain out of its inertia on infrastructure and end the situation where we trail our rivals when it comes to building everything from the housing to the power stations that our children will need."

The National Infrastructure Commission focus on projects linking cities in the North, London transport and nationwide energy. It will provide a report to the government at the start of each Parliament, outlining its recommended projects over the coming five years.