By Diana Nye, Entrepreneur Country

Local mobile and web advertising network Geocast has agreed a two way partnership with local business directory Touch Local in order to fast track the take up of its local advertising offering by small businesses, whilst also extending the reach and visibility of ads for existing advertisers.

Touch Local will act as a re-seller of Geocast’s incentive based local advertising proposition to small businesses via their telesales and field operations.

The Geocast local advertising offering for small businesses is costed on a performance related basis — when customers physically engage with an ad by downloading a voucher. These voucher based local ads will be displayed on Touch Local and Geocast partner web-sites and mobile apps. In addition Geocast will also power location based ads from their existing customers on the Touch Local network which also includes AOL Local, Ask Jeeves and Bauer Radio.

The mutually beneficial deal will hand Touch Local access to an easy to implement solution for local advertising and an incremental revenue stream. Touch Local and Geocast will be able to deliver up more directly relevant ads to the end user and increase both the reach and conversion rate of advertising for their clients.

According to Mark Livingstone, CEO, Touch Local, “The partnership with Geocast is a key plank in our strategy to develop the most effective location based advertising tools for our customers and to help them compete and grow their businesses in an increasingly competitive market”.

"The launch of Geocast’s local mobile and web advertising solution enables advertisers to directly target customers local to their business and even those passing through. Advertisers can, in less than 5 minutes, create an ad that will be seen locally by potential customers across dozens of websites and mobile applications.”

According to Brad Liebmann, CEO of Geocast, ”We are thrilled to launch our partnership with Touch Local. The addition of both Touch Local advertisers and their network of websites as publishers re-affirms the Geocast local advertising network as an effective way to drive local footfall for location-based businesses.”

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