By Jonathan Davies

With election day looming, we're taking a look at the pledges being made by the parties that will affect you, the UK's businesses.

With the polls open on Thursday, if you're undecided you might just want to take a look at how your business could be affected after the general election. Or perhaps you'll be swung a pledge you haven't seen before.

Here is the Plaid Cymru small business manifesto:

Living Wage

Plaid Cymru has pledged to introduce the Living Wage for all employees. It would also introduce the "Maximum Wage" in an attempt to plug the gap between the highest and lowest paid earners.

Government contracts

Plaid, led by Leanne Wood, says it would create 50,000 jobs in Wales by ensuring more public contracts are awarded to Welsh businesses.

Business rates

As many as 70,000 businesses would be taken out of the business rates system altogether. And 83,000 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) would find their rates reduced.

Access to finance

The party would create Welsh Development Bank which focuses on providing investment and loans to Welsh businesses.


Plaid Cymru would prioritise the roll-out of superfast broadband to homes and businesses, whilst introducing a public service obligation for internet service providers to supply speeds of at least 2Mbps.

High speed rail

Plaid claims that Wales will see little benefit from HS2, and has pledged to call for high-speed electrified routes between London and Swansea.

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