UK business milestones survey - 3 (002)

There is a near-even split between the number of large businesses whose gender pay gap is increasing and those that are shrinking, according to the BBC.

The broadcaster's analysis of data submitted by midnight showed that 45% saw the gap widen in favour of male employees, while 48% said the gap closed and a further 7% said there was no change.

Overall, however, men are earning more than women at 78% of businesses, with just 14% favouring women.

As of the deadline, 10,428 firms had submitted their figures.

The BBC found that the median pay gap between men and women shrank slightly from 9.7% last year to 9.6%.

Kwik Fit, Interserve FS (part of the Interserve Group), and car retailer Inchcape were the companies to report the largest increase in the gender pay gap.

Interserve Group said: "We are committed to addressing the issues on gender pay and through the leadership of our chief executive, Debbie White, we are making good progress."

A spokeswoman for Kwik Fit said it is committed to closing the gap.

Meanwhile, the companies with the biggest gaps were Countrywide Services (60.6%), Independent Vetcare at (48.3%), and Easyjet (47.9%).