The business operations of all companies operating in the UK and Europe are set for major disruption when the General Data Protection Regulation becomes enforceable in May 2018.New directives regarding the way data is collected, processed and disposed of will leave a huge dent in existing marketing data.

A study by W8 Data found that only 25% of customer data in current marketing databases meet GDPR requirements. This is leaving organisations scrambling to issue ‘re-permission’ campaigns in order to comply with new rules.

This sudden realisation means that valuable brand building campaigns have been deprioritised, leaving many companies suffering.

GDPR Summit London, taking place in 30th January, will provide a roadmap for compliance with the GDPR, allowing businesses breathing space to get their operations in order before it’s too late.

GDPR Summit London is the UK’s biggest GDPR event dedicated to guiding organisations to compliance with the new directives.

Failure to comply not only leaves companies open to financial sanctions but also damages their relationship with their customers.