By Daniel Hunter

Two gay twins from London have launched a LinkedIn style LGBT network to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.

Brothers Adrien and Pierre Gaubert launched myGwork in a bid to help connect LGBT professionals with their dream job.

Having suffered homophobic abuse and stereotypes in their previous employment, the Gaubert brothers were spurred on by the passing of the mother who was always worried they could not get a good job because they are gay.

Adrien Gaubert said: "myGwork was created to address this issue, and make sure we are all given an equal chance to succeed in the workplace."

The site operates as a professional networking platform, allowing members to have their own profile with CV, search for new job opportunities, or simply share experiences and ask for advice through direct interation with other members on the site. In addition users can also access a list of social events offering them additional offline networking opportunities.

The concept of myGwork is that any organisation posting job listing through the site will have an LGBT supportive ethos and a corporate culture of diversity and inclusion, therefore assuming prospective employees that they will be accepted regardless of their sexual orientation.

Pierre Gaubert said: "We hope myGwork will help remove the fear of coming out at work, which is beneficial to both the businesses and employees... In turn we know that this leads to improve morale, productivity and staff retention - factors that benefit everyone in the working environment."