97 The Great British Entrepreneur Awards E-Commerce award Left to right: Oli Barrett, David J Brown, Nick Winters, Hardeep Singh Kolhi

Six years ago, Ve Interactive was born, today the company is a unicorn, meaning it is valued at over £1 billion. It has disrupted the Ad -Tech market, and now it is the winner of the E-Commerce award at the Great British Technology Entrepreneur Awards. This is the entrepreneur story of the founder, David J Brown.

Today, Ve Interactive has a head office in London, but other offices in 28 countries. It is valued at over £1.5 billion, has clinched the number one spot in the Sunday Times Track 200. An audited report from KPMG showed that the company was tracking 3 billion data points a day, yet Ve Interactive is just six years old.

The company produces a powerful data capture engine and provides live processing. So, that’s big data to provide critical information to clients – over $1 billion of retailer revenue over the last 12 months.

To achieve this, the company had to raise money – £50 million in equity and £20 million in convertible debt.

David says: “We have absolutely disrupted the Ad -Tech world by bringing an offering to the market that consolidates Ad -Tech and Martech. We keep it transparent and force agencies to rethink how much value they give to their customers. The retailer is a winner with our solution and the consumer ultimately saves money via the reduced costs we create.”

But what does winning the award mean to David? “Too much focus is on the start-up in the UK, but clearly, that’s the easy bit, maturing a business to a professional and world recognised outfit is the challenge” he said. Before he was announced as the winner, he said: “I would love to be crowned winner in order to demonstrate that in the long term, with entrepreneurial ambition, continuous growth is possible.”

What about the future? Well the company has just appointed Stuart Chambers (formerly ARM Holdings) as Chairman of Ve. So, that gives it a good basis to build upon.

“We created a market, a product and a service but we have continued to grow. Six years in we are still more excited about our future products than ever before,” said David.

And then there is the staff: “I am very proud of how 850 staff all feel valued, entrepreneurial and motivated. There are some huge success stories across the company, including 25-year-olds who are now country managers. All management is made up of staff that have progressed showing a real meritocracy and a conscious personal growth environment.”

And the lesson: “Recognising the internet as a world of infinite possibility means you can literally succeed as you aim to succeed. We do not need an American dream, we have an infinite opportunity reality.”