By Jonathan Davies

Every day entrepreneurs shape our business and personal lives in the UK; driving innovation, creating purpose and disrupting markets. The Fresh Business Thinking Power 100 represents those people who most impact on the lives of entrepreneurs; those who shape policy, create working environments, champion, mentor and promote entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship in UK plc.

The Fresh Business Thinking Power 100 ranks these influencers, movers and shakers. This is not a list of entrepreneurs themselves but of those with the most power to impact on entrepreneurship. Neither is it an exact science, it represents the thinking of the Fresh Business Thinking editorial team, our trusted advisors and our conversations with our readers at events and through social media.

The ranking is based on multiple components; power and policy, promotion of the entrepreneurial cause, championing and mentoring, social influence and day to day engagement with the entrepreneurial community. For the most part we have not included more than one individual from any organisation, so the individual chosen probably best represents a blend of power, influence, promotion and engagement.

We expect (and want) the list to cause discussion and debate.

We want to hear from YOU!
But before we publish the list, we want to know who you think we should include and who shouldn't be included?

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