Marcus Leach:
Welcome to Microsoft London. We are here today for the Fresh Business Thinking Guide to Social Media. We took a chance to catch up with some of the delegates and get their views on just why social media is so important for small businesses.

Amanda Hassall, Six Degrees:
I think a lot of small businesses struggle with resources and obviously budgets so I think the fact is that social media can be very cost effective. It can be very cheap, you literally go online, sign up and get an account and go out and market yourself with very little overheads, so in that way it's fantastic.

Ron Leagas, The Success Group:
I think it's the difference between publicising yourself and not. It magnifies your voice millions of times if you get it right. So the potential is huge.

Bobby Abedeen, Macfarleene Telesystems Ltd:
You can set the agenda for conversation, you can jump on the back of topics and interject your advice and feedback without having to put a direct sale spin on it which I think builds a credibility out there which in the past has been very hard to gain, you've had to be in that client provider relationship to get that credibility.

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