By Max Clarke

Monday 27th: Britons searching for better employment opportunities abroad

Prolonged economic strife is forcing more and more of the nation’s ambitious youth to up-sticks in order to procure work in economically sunnier climes. 1 in 4 workers, in both blue and white collar roles, research from GfK indicates, are considering leaving the UK, prompting fears of a worsening ‘brain drain’.

Tuesday 28th: NHS cloud computing pilot could revolutionise healthcare

The NHS is preparing to transfer patients records ‘to the cloud’ in a landmark move for the institution. The virtualised system will deliver sizeable savings, whilst significantly boosting the credibility of the cloud as a secure and efficient platform.

Wednesday 29th: Greece 'Odds-On' to Leave The Eurozone

The embattled Hellenic Republic again seized headlines after William Hill set the odds of their leaving the Euro at 1/2.

The bookies famously offer a host of obscure and arguably offensive betting options, including whether Ireland will default on their debts and which will be the next country to receive an EU bailout.

Thursday 30th: Lloyds withdraws from international banking as 15,000 jobs cut

Some 15,000 chiefly back office and middle management roles are to be shed as the troubled Lloyds Banking Group prepares to withdraw from international banking.

Friday 1st: Bribery Act 2010 comes into force

Hailed equally as a boost to UK’s business competitiveness, and as a complex, unclear and overly draconian set of needless regulations, the long awaited Bribery Act 2010 finally came into force today.

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