By Claire West

The Entrepreneurs’ Organization and Alison.com have joined forces in an initiative to give would-be entrepreneurs a step-up by providing all the essential information and encouragement they need to start their own businesses. The information will be delivered via a free online course entitled Stone Soup and is based on serial entrepreneur Bill Liao’s best-selling book of the same name.

The course will include the following:

•an appreciation for what it takes to become an entrepreneur

•how to start an enterprise

•effective team development

•adapting as your organisation grows

As a member of The Entrepreneurs’ Organization and a successful entrepreneur in his own right, Bill Liao is passionate about encouraging others to follow their entrepreneurial dream.

Bill Liao commented: “A vibrant entrepreneurial community will be crucial to drive economic recovery and deliver sustained growth for the future.

“Being a successful entrepreneur is about having the correct mindset rather than resources and skills. Everyone has the potential to be an entrepreneur.”