By Marcus Leach

This Christmas, shoppers looking for the perfect fragrances have got
confectionary on the brain, finds, the European price
comparison site.

The candy trend has been reported by some of the perfume world’s leading
bloggers, and the fashion for sweeter-than-sweet scents has grown so
undeniable that this week The New York Times’ beauty section ran a feature
on ‘A Little Confection Behind the Ear’.

Top-ranking new designer perfume launches, such as Jimmy Choo’s debut
scent, are gaining five-star reviews across the board from
users, as well as positive responses from industry professionals.

The shoe-maker’s debut fragrance has already gained 18 reviews from happy
customers in the UK — popular success reflected in very healthy sales.

As well as pleasing the current hunger for confectionary flavours, the Choo
scent’s fame is also well-timed. As Christmas approaches, extremely
well-known designer names benefit from shoppers looking for something
‘extra special’.

And analysts at the price comparison website can see that perfumes which
combine that sugary note and a designer flourish are gaining the most steady

Narciso Rodriguez For Her, Chanel Coco Mademoiselle and Swarovski’s Aura,
with notes of lychee, are also gaining increased interest in the run up to
December 25th.

The current popularity of Swarovski’s Aura, launched in March 2011, also
reflects the final key trend in perfumes this Christmas season. As well as
an extremely well-known name, the exclusive jeweller has put as much time
into its bottle design as the scent contained within it.

Beauty experts confirm that especially when shopping for presents, unique
and stand-out bottles are proving resurgent: Issey Miyake, Paco Rabanne’s
latest Million line and Anna Sui Rock Me have benefitted from eye-catching

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