Tip 4: Grow a loyal audience

Think about your YouTube channel as a communications centre; videos are an incredible way to explain complicated topics. For example, Q&A content or how-to-videos are genres of content with high engagement rates.

To encourage viewers to discover more about your company, here are two top tricks: firstly, ask people to subscribe to your channel so that they receive future updates. This is literally something you can do with the video content itself. Secondly, post-production, add a branded watermark button on all your videos post-production. The watermark creates a button that can be labelled as ‘subscribe now’ and will activate when the viewer's mouse rolls over it.

Pro hint: To add a watermark, go to your YouTube dashboard, then to Creator studio, Channel settings and then Branding. Click “Add a watermark’ where you will then be asked to upload an image; this can be shown either throughout the entire video, or at a specific time.

These four steps will kick-start your YouTube Channel and ready it for success. These tips work especially well with a content strategy in place, so invest some time in doing so if you haven’t already. A content strategy can adapt and improve over time. With the data YouTube provides, it is easy to review high- versus low-performing content and pivot your strategy accordingly. Remember that done is better than perfect, so get started today.