By Daniel Hunter

Almost one in five homes is not connected to the internet, according to the Office of National Statistics.

More than half of these UK households don’t believe they need to be on the internet, while one in five said they lack the necessary computer skills to get online.

A further one in ten is not online because they cannot afford the cost of surfing the web.

Conversely more than half of those who are online are connected via their mobile phone, with younger age groups more likely to have some access to the internet.

Currently more than 21 million homes have internet connectivity, a 3% increase on last year. However, according to Age UK too many older people feel excluded from what is increasingly seen as a vital component of modern life.

"It is important that ongoing training and support are available for the five million people aged 65 and over who have never been online, as well as for those who are online but who may need additional help to undertake certain activities," said Michelle Mitchell, director general of Age UK.

The government has made a pledge to ensure that all British homes have access to the internet by 2015.

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