Internet of Things

The Forum of Private Business has welcomed the commitment of the Government towards the digital economy in the inclusion of Digital within the DCMS brief, and the launch of the Digital Infrastructure Investment Fund.

Commenting on the announcement by Andrew Jones, Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury, Chief Executive of the Forum, Ian Cass, said, 'Businesses, particularly in rural areas with inadequate broadband speeds, are at a material disadvantage when compared with bigger businesses in city regions. We hope that the fund launched today will enable all businesses to operate on a level playing field in the very near future, and we look to the investment to be shared throughout the country bringing broad scale regional growth opportunities beyond the major southern conurbations.

High quality digital communications has been a key component of the Forum's Get Britain Trading campaign, and today's news is an important step in recognising and supporting the contribution potential from the SME community to the country's economic health'