By Cris Beswick

Many may assume that commercial success comes from constant innovation and bringing out new and improved versions of products and services to an ever-demanding customer. That is why one expert is keen to point out that being innovative is vastly different to being inventive, and is urging businesses to start with a focus on cultivating innovative people.

Moving into the next decade with a radical new definition for the concept of innovation, Speaker, author and consultant Cris Beswick has been committed to helping organisations move from being simply adequate to utterly exceptional.

Having successfully founded and sold several businesses before becoming a consultant, Chris believes that the secret to success is creating a company for which innovation is at the core of every person and every process.

“People see innovation as doing something unique: doing something for the first time, doing something that changes customer expectations or creates brand new markets. It can be all of those things, but it is more than ‘doing something new’ or being the first,” claims Cris, who is the MD of Let’s Think Beyond and author of ‘The Road to Innovation’.

Cris reveals that he often uses ‘innovation’ as a catalyst to help align leadership teams and their people in order to create organisational cultures embedded with a passion for innovation and a desire to become exceptional. He believes that Innovation in its newest sense can add value to staff through the instigation of a culture which motivates and inspires a community which promotes collaboration and nurtures talent.

“The crucial element to making innovation work is making teams think differently about what they do and how they do it in order to become great places to work for their people, the ‘no brainer’ choice for their customers and the envy of their competitors. My aim is to pump some meaning back into the concept, dispelling its status as an over used vacuous buzz word. Workforces and businesses are often raring to go following the festive break, so I find the New Year is a fantastic time to utilise that enthusiasm and make some positive changes”, adds Cris.