What is AIM?

Philip Quigley, Director, Assurance & Business Services, Smith and Williamson:

AIM is the primary public market in the UK for growth companies seeking additional capital. For entrepreneurs seeking to develop their businesses, it's got to be one of the roots to look at.

How does Smith and Williamson help companies prepare for AIM?

We can help prepare you and your company to come into AIM. First of all we'll discuss with you whether AIM is right for you and you're right for AIM. If it is, we'll help you prepare yourself in terms of systems and procedures, in terms of legal and management structure and in terms of your financing requirements. At Smith and Williamson we have been involved with AIM companies since the market's inception in 1995. We have helped over 150 companies meet their objectives and get onto AIM.

What role does Smith and Williamson play in the process?

We will work with you before the float, at the float and post-deal. All the time ensuring that you can achieve your strategic objectives. We act as either Nomad or as a reporting accountant and tax advisor and we have an unrivaled breadth of experience in helping AIM companies get to where they want to get to. That might be through raising additional finance, it might be through making acquisitions using your shares or it might be just through maintaining your public profile from being an AIM company. At Smith and Williamson we've got all the experience that you need to achieve your objectives from coming to AIM and subsequently fully utilising the AIM quote, we have all the advisory services and we can bring them to you to help you achieve that.

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