By Max Clarke

FixMyTransport, a website through which citizens can monitor and report problems with public transport, has launched today under the tagline: ‘Euston, We Have a Problem’.

The site’s intentions are to report the problems to relevant authorities, find the people responsible, grow public support for ignored problems, track the progress of isseus, and generally ‘get things done’.

Business organisations frequently bemoan the state of the UK’s infrastructure, blasting it a a major impediment to economic growth, so marks a positive step towards addressing various issues.

Developed by Louise Crow, senior developer at public transparency promotion organisation,, FixMyTransport adopts principles of crowdsourcing so that the UK’s millions of commuters can accurately paint up-to-date pictures of the state of the nation’s transport network.

The organisation is privately funded and a registered charity, aiming to promote democracy both within government and across national infrastructure. In keeping with the organisation’s pubic and open nature, the coding behind the site, which is similar to that used in a number of mySociety’s other websites, including TheyWorkForYou and, is based on open-source and available free of charge from

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