By Marcus Leach

American company Entertainment One (ETO) has signed a deal with Fisher Price that will bring children's TV hit Peppa Pig to life with a toy line.

ETO owns the distribution rights for the hit show in the US and is hoping to replicate the success of Peppa Pig in the UK, estimated at more than £200 million in sales last year, in the States.

According to ETO the details of the deal will be finalised over the coming weeks.

Peppa Pig made its debut on US TV in February and has since proved successful.

"The appointment of Fisher Price is an exciting development in the expansion of Peppa Pig in the US," said Darren Throop, chief executive of ETO.

"The initial success of the TV ratings illustrates the potential of the show and the confidence we have that the brand will be a big hit with US consumers."

ETO shares gained almost 5% in London following the announcement.