By Maximilian Clarke

UK businesses are again preparing for the worst as 100 mile an hour winds return to British shores.

Last week’s storms, which hit a hurricane-force 165 mph on the Cairngorm Summit- were calculated to have cost some £100 million in damage to property, as power lines and vehicles across Scotland and the North of England were toppled by the gales.

But as the northern storms dissipate, the Met Office has again issues severe weather warnings for the South of England.

Businesses have been urged to assure robust contingency plans are in place so that disruption can be minimized. Regardless, disruption from closing shops early due to the storms along with, power outages, encountering road closures that delay or halt deliveries as well as employees taking time off to care for children sent home from school, all pose challenges for the country’s business leaders.

Although these conditions aren’t unprecedented with last year’s snow falls causing similar disruption.

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