By Maximilian Clarke

Businesses are wasting millions of pounds every year on minor back office functions, according to the results of a new study.

The research showed that company secretaries spend an average of 60 per cent of their day (four and a half hours) typing.

Based on average salaries in the UK, this costs businesses approximately £10,800 per secretary. And with 18,000 full-time company secretaries currently employed in the UK, it equates to a massive £194 million a year in time.

The research also showed that 62 per cent of businesses are planning to outsource basic administrative tasks to save money in 2012.

However, rather than leading to job losses, it is expected that outsourcing will make companies more efficient — 68 per cent of business owners believe that by reducing admin functions, secretaries will be free to focus on more important functions, such as providing managerial and professional services to support growth.

“Many of the administrative tasks typically undertaken by secretaries are necessary but incredibly time consuming," said Daryl Leigh, CEO of dictate2us. "For that reason, it’s important that business owners look objectively at their organisation to question whether outmoded methods of operation are still relevant. Offsetting basic admin functions, such as typing, will enable companies to reduce costs and facilitate growth.”

dictate2us, outsourced transcription service providers for professionals in the UK and worldwide. It helps companies to cut costs and increase efficiency by freeing up secretarial time and reducing staff overheads.

dictate2us allows users to create digital recordings — via its website, iPhone app or recently launched BlackBerry app — which can then be accurately transcribed. All dictations are typed-up by a team of dedicated secretaries 24 hours a day and can be turned around in as little as 60 minutes.

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