By Daniel Hunter

More than half of businesses are planning to expand their workforce in 2015, according to the latest CBI/Accenture Employment Trends Survey.

Despite the fall in unemployment over the last year, the government has received criticism, with some claiming the jobs are often temporary and low paid. But the survey showed that plans to hire permanent staff outstrip those of temporary staff.

There was also positive news for young workers,FIFA Crédits with many of the businesses surveyed planning to hire graduates and/or apprentices.

More than four in 10 (43%) of businesses are planning to increase pay more than inflation as measured by the Retail Prices Index (RPI), which is usually above the official measure of inflation, Consumer Prices Index (CPI).

Neil Carberry, CBI Director of Employment & Skills policy:

“Firms are gearing up for a positive 2015 with over half planning to create jobs, most of which will be permanent. Young people should find more chances to get a foot on the career ladder this year, with many firms looking to boost their intake of graduates and apprentices.

“We want to see everyone enjoy the rewards of the recovery and every region has a big role in driving the UK economy forward. Growth should work for everyone, and skills are the key route to ensuring that this happens through improved productivity and pay.”

Olly Benzecry, managing director for Accenture in the UK and Ireland, said:

“It’s important that growth works for everyone, which means regions throughout the UK benefitting from the economic recovery and employers opening up different and more inclusive routes into their workforces. It’s very encouraging to hear that businesses are planning to build their workforces in the future by taking on more young people, including apprentices.

“It is also good to note that, within this mix, companies are recognising that they can enhance their competitiveness by harnessing the digital capabilities of these young people.”

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