By Driving for Better Business, featured in Co-Pilot, Volvo

All occupational safety related issues can be said to have a moral, legal and financial imperative. Work related road risks are not dissimilar. Of course there is a moral obligation, no organisation wants to harm their employees, customers and the public, the Dept for Transport road casualty statistic reports show only too well the scale of the risk faced by business drivers.

And yes there are the laws of the land to obey, not just the provisions of the Road Traffic Act but also occupational Health & Safety law. There are many references in Health and Safety legislation and guidance that clearly clarify the vehicle as a workplace.

But in the boardroom, the financial benefits make the most compelling case for managing work related road risk, conversely the costs for not doing it can be just if not more compelling.

The Driving For Better Business campaign is all about the business benefit, seeking to use those businesses that have reaped the rewards, financial and other, to act as advocates and influence others to follow suit.

To illustrate the business benefits you need only look at the latest DfBB champion, Iron Mountain. Operating in UK and Ireland they have 450 vehicles of which 350 are vans. Iron Mountains’ fleet travels somewhere in the region of 200,000 mile every week.

During 2008 Iron Mountain embarked on an in-depth fact finding operation in partnership with Zurich Risk Engineering to understand what would be required to manage its work-related road risk. The partnership relationship developed as the project progressed from assessment through to risk reduction collaboration and, as a result of a series of gap analyses, they identified a number of necessary improvements. This culminated in 2009 with the implementation of a comprehensive 5-point strategy and programme for managing their work-related road risk.

The financial and other benefits realised from this approach can be summarised as;

• Vehicle incidents reduced by 74%.

• Own damage and third party costs reduced by 60%, lowering annual costs by over £200k.

• Insurance premiums reduced in three of the last four years with 14%, 8% and 9% reductions respectively.

• On top of these direct financial gains, a circa 7% improvement on fuel efficiency as defensive driving directly correlates to fuel-efficient driving.

• Maintenance costs reduced by 4.5% in the first years’ initiatives and over 30% overall since telemetry was installed

Iron Mountain cites other un-quantifiable cost savings through service and reputation. They have been awarded several road safety awards over the last few years based on these initiatives and results. You can read the full story at: http://www.drivingforbetterbusiness.com/casestudies/ironmountain.aspx

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