By Jonathan Davies

A Mayfair finance worker has been suspended by his employers after being spotted in the video which shows a group of Chelsea Football Club fans being racist in Paris.

Twenty-one year old Joshua Parsons, whose family own a £1.5 million house in Surrey, was suspended by the Business and Commercial Finance Club. The finance company said it had launched an investigation into the matter, saying it is "utterly opposed to racism".

Parsons' boss, Miranda Khadr defended him despite the suspension. She said: "He is not that type of person. He works with me and I'm not English."

Ms Khadr described him as a 'little boy' who was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The race row started when a video taken before Chelsea's Champions League clash against Paris Saint Germain (PSG) shows a group of Chelsea fans repeatedly preventing a black man from boarding the Metro train whilst chanting 'We're racist, we're racist, and that's the way we like it'.

It is not clear that Joshua Parsons took part in the chanting or prevented the man from boarding the train.

Chelsea yesterday (Thursday) said it had suspended three fans from Stamford Bridge, adding that "If it is deemed there is sufficient evidence, the club will issue banning orders for life."

Meanwhile, UKIP have distanced themselves from Parsons after a photo of Parsons alongside Nigel Farage outside a London pub. The UKIP leader said he is often photographed with admirers. He tweeted to say: "Obv not everyone is perfect. I don't vet people outside pubs".