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For those who have ever wondered who’s behind the keyboard when scanning through reviews online, research reveals they are most likely to be female film-lovers aged 25-34.

446,000 online reviews were analysed by Feefo to reveal that women were those most commonly sharing their feedback with 58% of reviews left by women.

Although the time spent leaving reviews were similar for both sexes, women also spend 4 seconds longer than men on their reviews; coming in at 2 minutes 3 seconds, compared to 1 minute 59 seconds.

The age of those who wrote online reviews was also revealed, finding that 25-34 years old were most vocal when it came to reviews (23%). They were followed by 35-44 year olds, accounting for 20%, and 45-44 year olds at 18%. The youngest group, aged 18-24, were least likely to leave a review, offering just 10% of the reviews.

The research discovered the following most common personality types: movie lovers; travel buffs; news junkies & avid readers; TV lovers; technophiles. It transpires that movie lovers beat travel buffs and news junkies to the top spot as the most likely to air their opinions.

Interestingly, desktop users (45%) far surpassed mobile (34%) or tablet (21%) users; suggesting that leaving reviews is still handled in a far more traditional way, in spite of the trends now showing that mobile and tablet uses overtakes desktop use of technology.

Andrew Mabbutt, CEO at Feefo commented: “This has certainly shed some light on who it is that responds to review requests, and these are the people who will be shaping the future of these businesses. By providing feedback, whether good or bad, businesses are able to understand what they are doing well, what needs improvement and what the market wants. The information this demographic is providing is crucial to the running of any successful business.”

So if you are a woman aged 25-34 who happens to love films and leave customer reviews, you're helping businesses be better. And if you don't fit into this demographic, fear not, you're still helping too.