By Claire West

The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) will today announce the launch of an exclusive fellowship of leading sales professionals — Sales Leadership Alliance — at the Sales Performance Association conference.

The Sales Leadership Alliance, an exclusive organisation for senior sales professionals, has been created with a mission to improve the practice of selling, enhance the professionalism of sales people and build the body of knowledge around the sales function. Its aim is to work closely with key industry thinkers and leading sales practitioners within the selling community to develop knowledge that can be applied by all organisations and practitioners across the sector.

As an organisation, the Sales Leadership Alliance will have a commitment to learning and development. The fellowship will become a forum for sales practitioners and academics to exchange ideas and drive development of the sales profession as a whole, working towards evolving cross-sectoral best practice.

The insights from the alliance will influence the continued professional development of the sales community, leading towards the creation of new sales development programmes in the longer term.

Rod Wilkes, chief executive of The Chartered Institute of Marketing comments, “Having been a salesman for many of my formative years, I am aware of how important good professional selling is to the wealth creation of the UK. At The Chartered Institute of Marketing, we believe that the sales community has never enjoyed the standing that its importance to both the national economy and to individual organisations should warrant.

“The Sales Leadership Alliance has no designs to replicate existing membership or training bodies. The role of the organisation is to support the large proportion of activity in which The Chartered Institute of Marketing already has a strong sales involvement through employer engagement, and we are delighted to announce our formal commitment to best practice in the sector.”

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