The StartUp Awards National Series are delighted to announce Fearless Adventures as our newest partner for 2022!

SUA - Fearless Adventures - LinkedIn

The StartUp Awards National Series was built around the ever-growing number of start-ups across the UK, with almost 80 businesses starting an hour, the rise of start-ups is in full force - and doesn’t seem to be slowing down. At The StartUp Awards National Series, we look to discover and celebrate some of the newest and most talented StartUp businesses of the moment. As well as our mission to champion these startups, we are dedicated to supporting them far beyond just the awards shows. We aim to provide them with resources and opportunities to help them excel in their business journey, and any other ventures they may take on. 

As the startup community continues to grow, we are so excited to join forces with Fearless Adventures to provide our entrepreneurs with helpful resources to support and scaleup their businesses’ funding, marketing and talent. Fearless Adventures founders believe these three factors are the key to fast growth and more successful exits further down the line - highlighting everything we hope to achieve in our community. 

Fearless Adventures started in October 2021, by a trio of bright young entrepreneurs, David Newns, Dominic McGregor, and Charlie Yates. As well as their mission to help the next generation of entrepreneurs, Fearless Adventures are also signatories to the Investing in Women Code, and nearly all of their investees are female-founded or co-founded businesses - which is one of the many reasons we are proud to partner up with them. 

Founder Dominic McGregor said,

“We want founders and startups that we partner with to reach the world-leading heights that we did with our own businesses. Having been in the industry for nearly 10 years, I know that winning awards helps mark and boost a business’s reputation. Fearless Adventures are excited to join forces with The National Startup Awards to celebrate the next generation of entrepreneurs and help them to be recognised in their industry.”

Professor Dylan Jones-Evans, at the StartUp Awards National Series, said:

“We are honoured to be partnering with Fearless Adventures, a business and team that, like us, are dedicated to helping this generation of entrepreneurs, and the next, scale up their businesses, and widen their opportunities. With the many resources they offer, and the support available through their partnership, it truly seemed like a natural fit. We believe with the support of Fearless Adventures, the future of startups will be even brighter”