By Daniel Hunter

Ahead of Armed Forces Day tomorrow (Saturday), VoucherCodesPro has taken a look at some of the start-ups launched during World War Two that have gone on to be household names and some of the biggest businesses in the world.

So here is the list:


Greggs - Greggs was founded by John Greggs in 1939, who initially made sausage rolls for soliders.

Marvel - Originally launched as Timely Comics.

Travelodge - Founded by Scott Kin in the US.

Hewlett Packard - Founded by William Hewlett and David Packard.


McDonald's - Now one of the world's most recognisable brands, McDonald's was launched by brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald during World War Two.

Sega - Originally founded as Service Games, Sega started life in business supplying coin-operated machines for US military bases in Asia.


Jeep - Jeep originally only supplied vehicles for the military, before selling to the public in 1945.


IKEA - Ingvar Kamprad opened the first version of IKEA in Sweden.

abc - The US TV station was first launched by Edward John Noble.


Abbey National - The now defunct Abbey National launched after a merger between Abbey Road Banking Society and National Banking Society Land Securities.


Baskin Robbins - Every one needs ice cream to cheer them up during war, right?

JCB - John Bamford using surplus materials from the military like steel from air raid shelters to make JCB's first tipping trailer.

Mattel - The famous toy maker was founded by Harold Matt Matson and Ruth Elliott Handler in the US.

Bic - Bic was launched by Baron Marcel Bich in France. It seems there is no truth to the rumours that a Bic pen was used to sign the French surrender treaty.


Sony - Sony was launched by Masaru Ibuka in Japan in the immediate aftermath of World War Two.

Vespa - Enrico Piaggio was in the aerospace industry during World War Two. But when the end of the war brought about restrictions on Italy's capacity to build planes, Piaggio created Vespa scooters as an affordable way to navigate Italy's badly bombed streets.

You can see the full infographic here.