Fake news dominated the UK media this weekend especially on Saturday – we need fake news fighting algorithms fast.

It was an extraordinary weekend for fake news.

Saturday, (April 1) was especially bad, which is why we need to see the internet giants launch their AI anti-fake news algorithms fast.

And no one is too big, their reputation too impressive to get away with it.

On Saturday, the BBC reported that a Shakespearean notepad, created in the time of the bard himself, had been found. It all happened on the Antiques road show – according to the usually careful BBC, that has the reputation of researching its stories before publishing.

Meanwhile, another report, suggested that Elon Musk has launched new after shave, simply called Musk

Tinder claimed to have come up with a new feature that could enable users to apply SEO techniques to make themselves seem more attractive.

Another publication reported that a group of entrepreneurs were building an island off the coast of Suffolk to house a small number of disgruntled Remain voters.

While a publication local to the author of this report, said that an eagerly awaited new pub was being delayed because a Van Gogh (spelt Van Gough) painting had been found in the basement of the building that was being converted.

Once we have algorithms seeking out fake news and banning the publication of stories that cannot be collaborated from reliable third parties, it will create an environment in which we find it must easier to trust the media.

In fact, even better than that, would be algorithms that only support media stories that have been stamped by the government of that time as authentic.

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