Facebook HQ Image: Facebook

Facebook could be forced to prepare themselves for even more public outcry after it emerged that staff at its London headquarters could split a £250 million bonus pool, despite paying less than £5,000 in corporation tax.

If Facebook's UK branch meets its targets, they'll be award a share of the huge bonus pool over three years. It means the average worker will receive a grand total of £690,000, based on the number of employees and Facebook's current share price.

The social media giant was the subject of public anger last week, after it was revealed the it paid less than £5,000 to the Treasury because it made a loss of £28.5 million, but that was after its staff split a £35m bonus pool.

If the public was angry over claims that Facebook's UK workers get an average bonus of just under £100,000, imagine what the outcry will be like if workers get their hands on nearly £700,000.

But, Facebook says that the number of workers in London has more than doubled from 362 to 850 since those accounts were filed, meaning the individual bonuses would be lower.

Following the news of its low corporation tax bill last week, Facebook said: "We are compliant with UK tax law and in fact all countries where we have employees and offices. We continue to grow our business activities in the UK."