By Marcus Leach

In a bid to improve users' privacy settings Facebook has announced a raft of changes that will make it easier for members to control their personal information.

Previously Facebook had been criticised for 'hiding' such options, whereas now they will be easier to find, giving users far greater control of what does and doesn't appear on their profiles.

"The main change is moving most of your controls from a settings page to being inline, right next to the posts, photos and tags they affect," the Facebook blog said.

"Plus there are several other updates here that will make it easier to understand who can see your stuff (or your friends') in any context."

Such moves could help reduce cyber-bullying, where people have, in the past, had limited control over their walls, tags and posts that would appear instantly on their profiles.

"You can choose to use the new tool to approve or reject any photo or post you are tagged in before it's visible to anyone else on your profile," the blog added.

The new changes will come into effect as of Thursday August 25th.

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