By Daniel Hunter

The unemployment rate across the eurozone hit record levels in May, as the recession continued to hurt workers across the region.

Eurostat reported that the jobless rate across the eurozone was 12.1% in May, up from 12.0% in April.

Mike Booker, Director The Network,

“With unemployment on the rise across Europe, it’s clear that there is a large number of jobseekers looking to secure work. This means a wealth of candidates for employers to choose from, but an increasingly competitive environment for the jobseeker. The challenge for employers is how to attract and select the best people from these overseas candidates. Getting the right mix of pay and benefits is complex for recruiters and often confusing for workers arriving into a new role abroad. It’s very difficult to make a direct comparison on standards of living across borders due to the range in workplace benefits, varied tax brackets and available public services on offer in a particular country. It’s important that jobseekers therefore get a better handle on the relative standard of living in an overseas role before making the move as they could be worse off in the long term.”