The rate of inflation in the eurozone was unmoved at 0.2% in December, official figures have shown.

Eurostat, the eurozone's official statistics agency, said that the growth of food, alcohol and tobacco prices were down slightly on November. Following growth of 1.5% in November, prices increased at a rate of 1.2%.

The growth of energy prices fell from 7.3% to 5.9% over the year.

In December, the European Central Bank (ECB) extended its stimulus package in an attempt to boost the eurozone economy. But, coupled with today's inflation figures - which was below forecasts of 0.3% - many analysts and economists across the 19-nation bloc believe the ECB needs to do more.

More extreme measures were expected to be introduced by ECB president Mario Draghi towards the end of 2015, rather than an extension of a policy already in place. The central bank's quantitative easing programme, worth €60 billion a month, was due to run until September this year. But rather than increase the amount being pumped into the eurozone economy, the programme will now run until March 2017.