By Marcus Leach

British travellers are being warned not to expect the same lower fuel prices in Europe that many have come to take for granted on their holidays.

Petrol prices have risen throughout Europe, and a report by the Post Office has shown the falling value of the pound has pushed the price of taking cars overseas up for UK travellers.

Traditionally fuel had always been cheaper in Europe, but now in many cases it is equal to the UK, or even higher.

Luxembourg was the cheapest of the fourteen countries surveyed, with fuel their costing 128p per litre, while Norway topped the price list at 182p per litre.

Motoring organisations recently called for an investigation into prices.

The Federation Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA), which represents 35 million European drivers, wrote to the European Union claiming they manner in which petrol prices were set was "far from transparent".

"The high fuel price increases in Europe mean that UK holidaymakers should plan their routes carefully in advance to cut costs," said Sarah Munro, of the Post Office.

"For example, motorists driving through eastern France can save 27p a litre on unleaded petrol or 24p on diesel by detouring into Luxembourg. Similarly motorists can save up to 23p a litre by crossing from Switzerland into Austria."

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