By Daniel Hunter

Facebook Login integration is twice as popular with European online retailers than their US counterparts, reveals the ‘Login to Boost Checkouts’ study by Betapond.

The report scored the websites of 200 of Europe’s top online retailers against a detailed best practice social integration benchmark.

With 14.5% of European online retailers implementing Login with Facebook, compared to 6% in the US (according to a previous Sociable Labs report), the study indicates that Europe’s retailers are working harder to make their ecommerce offering a social one.

However, 14.5% is still a surprisingly low number considering the huge opportunity Login with Facebook offers retailers. As personalisation becomes increasingly important, retailers that don’t integrate Facebook are risking missing out on a rich wealth of data that would allow them to tailor experiences to their customers, improving the ecommerce offering.

In addition to investigating Facebook Login, the study assesses the prevalence of other social sharing options and ascertains which retailers among Europe’s top 200 deliver the most social retail experiences overall. and topped the social study, both achieving an impressive 79% against the social criteria. Both sites have implemented Login with Facebook, and feature a good array of social sharing options on product pages.

However, not all retailers have embraced social ecommerce, with 33 out of the 200 assessed offering no social elements at all. This includes many retailers in sectors with products where social is proven to be a great influence on purchasing decisions.

“With the uptake among Europe’s online retailers still relatively low, there remains an untapped opportunity for retailers to take advantage of Login with Facebook and its many benefits," Declan Kennedy, Chief Executive, Betapond, commented.

“Retailers are beginning to recognise the huge opportunity Facebook presents in terms of personalisation and are increasingly looking to their social strategies as a way to gain competitive advantage. We predict that the uptake of Facebook Login among top European retailers will grow steadily throughout 2013 as we move into the next generation of social ecommerce.”

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