By Maximilian Clarke

A major European conference next month will be focussing on how European labour markets can address increasing youth unemployment.

The UK’s foremost recruitment body- the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) has been invited to introduce and moderate the conference taking place in Copenhagen on Tuesday January 10 and is part of the European project Pro-Youth.

Entitled “Is Flexicurity the Right Medicine for the European Youth?” the discussions will centre on youth employment, which is rising at a particularly alarming rate, especially in Spain where it is forecast to remain at 40 per cent.

The conference will explore whether Europe has the tools needed to fight the current economic maelstrom in order to secure education and jobs for young people.

As part of the debate, the REC will highlight the UK’s situation where more than one million young people aged between 16 and 24 — more than one in five — are currently without work, training or education. The REC is taking the lead within the UK recruitment industry through the setting up of its Youth Employment Taskforce which made a series of practical recommendations to Government last year.

This was followed this year by the launch of the Youth Employment Charter to encourage REC members to play an active part in working with their clients, the employers, and local education institutions to give young people expert guidance and support to help them into the world of work.

Commenting on its possible outcomes, Tom Hadley, the REC’s Director of Policy and Professional Services, who will be introducing and moderating the conference, said: “Being invited to take part in this high profile event is further recognition of the role that the recruitment industry is playing in helping to tackle the growing youth unemployment crisis. As well as exchanging views with leading employers and European officials, these kinds of events are all about enhancing the profile and brand of our industry across Europe. Taking a lead on issues such as youth employment enables us to showcase the positive contribution recruiters are making.

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