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Euro 2016 is kicking off tomorrow (Friday) and an estimated £500m worth of wagers is expected to be made during the sporting spectacle.

“For the bookies, an ideal result would be England to lose the final on penalties, as miserly as that sounds. The further they go in the competition, the more money their matches will attract. If they win it though, the industry will take a huge hit,” said William Hill spokesman Joe Crilly.

What would an England win mean for the bookies?

England are always going to be the worst result. Should they win the competition, they would cost upwards of £50m to the bookmaking industry.

What is the biggest bet on the tournament so far?

A punter from Kent has wagered a whopping £50,000 on England lifting the Euros trophy at 9/1 – a wager that would result in a half a million pound payout should it be successful. Another punter from Scandinavia has placed £25,000 on France at 3/1 which would return £100,000.

Who has attracted the most bets (% of all wagers)?

16% England; 14% Germany; 13% Belgium; 8% Italy; 7% France; 6% Spain; 5% Portugal; 4.5% Wales; 4% Poland; 3% Croatia; 2.5% Northern Ireland

Who has attracted the most money (% of all money wagered):

26% France; 18% England; 16% Germany; 10% Belgium; 9% Belgium; 6% Spain; 3% Portugal; 2% Croatia; 2% Wales; 2% Poland; 1% Northern Ireland

Average bet on the home Nations to win the Euros:

England: £8.80Wales: £2.92Northern Ireland: £2.80

Euro 2016 winner (odds):

3/1 France; 4/1 Germany; 5/1 Spain; 8/1 England; 1/1 Belgium; 14/1 Portugal; 18/1 Italy; 25/1 Croatia; 33/1 Austria; 50/1 Poland; 50/1 Switzerland; 66/1 Czech Republic; 66/1 Russia; 66/1 Turkey; 66/1 Wales; 80/1 Iceland; 80/1 Ukraine; 100/1 Republic of Ireland; 100/1 Sweden; 150/1 Romania; 150/1 Slovakia; 250/1 Hungary; 250/1 Northern Ireland; 300/1 Albania

Top goalscorer:

7/1 Thomas Muller; 8/1 Cristiano Ronaldo; 9/1 Antoine Griezmann; 14/1 Olivier Giroud; 16/1 Alvaro Morata; 16/1 Harry Kane; 16/1 Roberto Lewandowski; 20/1 Mario Gomez; 20/1 Romelu Lukaku; 25/1 Artiz Aduriz; 25/1 Zlatan Ibrahimovic; 33/1 Anthony Martial; 33/1 Kevin de Bruyne; 33/1 Marc Janko 33/1 Mario Gotze; 33/1 Mario Mandzukic; 33/1 Nolito; 40/1 BAR

Vote Leave has offered punters £50m if they predict every Euros match correctly, what are the actual chances?

To correctly predict the correct results of every match in the tournament works out at 1010/1 (100,000,000,000/1)

Does European politics have a place in football?

William Hill are offering 7/1 that all three home nations “remain” in their groups and the UK votes Remain in the EU Referendum. It is 66/1 that all three “exit” the tournament at the group stages and the UK votes Leave in the EU Referendum.